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On Wednesday 12th July 2017, the Honorable Members of Parliament and Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), “Inspection Team” visited and thoroughly checked the following Establishments: *Doha’s Hotel, Sir Milton Hotel, Madam Wokie Hotel, Sahara Hotel-1, Sahara Hotel-2 and Fair View Lodge* all in the city of Bo, Kakua Chiefdom, Bo District, Southern Region of Sierra Leone.

“We first started this facility with 28 bedrooms, now we have improved significantly and can boast of 50 bedrooms equipped with all the facilities a room in a standard hotel should possess, everything in this hotel is of International Standards” noted, Mr Saleh M. Yahya, CEO and Proprietor of Doha’s Hotel. The CEO furthered that, Doha’s Hotel is surrounded with CCTV camera installations which is monitored 24/7 to enhance adequate security at the hotel, it has, two swimming pools (one for Kids and the other for adults), a Gymnasium, VIP Lounge, two massive conference rooms, a terrace and so much other facilities. “The G4S Security agency is providing full security day and night” Mr. Yahya disclosed.

The CEO, lamented on the challenges he is grappling with while running his facility and also elaborated on the success stories. “Paradoxically, business was booming during the invasion of the Epidemic (EVD), because the scourge triggered the visit of numerous NGOs and expatriates who entered the country to help eradicate the Disease and all of them were guests in different Hotels, so business was good then, though the Country was going through tough times, but just after the Ebola Virus Disease was conquered, when all the expatriates left for their various countries, Business became some how slow”, the proprietor averred.

Mr. Jihap M. Yahya, General Manager and Deputy CEO, Mr. Mustapha K. Mansaray, Assistant General Manager all of Doha’s Hotel buttressed on the narration of their Boss.

In response to the juxtaposition of the Doha’s Hotel Management, the Honorable Members of Parliament, expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciations to the management of the facility for the massive development but also for the job opportunity to the citizens “you’re employing many Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths, you’re helping the government in employing the citizens of the Country, we thank you so much for that” remarked Honorable Gladys G. Gbappy-Brima of constituency 082, Moyamba District, Chairperson of the oversight Committee.

Honorable Mohamed Tholley of constituency 070, Bo District, called on the Hotel Management across the country to form an Association that will seek their interest and advocate on their behalf.

Moreover, lead representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), Mr Abrahim Turay, License, Classification and Quality Control Manager of the NTB Succinctly informed the gathering about the massive developmental projects the government is implementing in the Tourism Industry and also those on the pipeline, “The government is about to establish a branch of the Ministry of Tourism in Bo city in order to help acquired a swift and proper redress to any challenge that may pop up in the near future.

Mr. Alie Badara Koroma, is the CEO of the two Sahara Hotels in Bo city and the one in Makeni City, he thanked the inspection team for the visit and solicited more frequent visits. He said, as part of his cooperate social responsibility, he has done plethora of goodies for locals in the environs of his establishments and even outside. The Giant and Beautiful Clock tower at Mile 91 is a testament.

However, it behooves Sierra Leoneans to note that, section 93 subsection 3 and section 95 of the 1991 constitution gives committees in parliament the power to investigate Ministries, Departments and Agencies to produce any result required, failure to comply is considered as contempt of Parliament.


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