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“Freetown is not Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone is not Freetown”

Basically, the above quotation says it all, Sierra Leone constitutes Four (4), regions and has Twelve (12), Districts which are the embodiments of the Republic of Sierra Leone governed by the Central Government.

Patriotically, after Successfully visiting and properly checking the Hotels in the Western Area of the Country, on Sunday, 9th July 2017, the Inspection Team which comprises three different segments of Sierra Leoneans (Parliamentarians, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone Representatives, and Members of the Forth Estate) safely arrived in Makeni City, the regional headquarter town of the Northern Region of the Country.

Vibrantly, on Monday, 10th July 2017, the Inspection Team, kick started their job in this part of the Country. The first Facility inspected was the Wusum Hotel. The Management of that Establishment was asked several questions bothering around *Compliance with laws of the Country, PAYE, NASSIT, NRA, Staff Strength and Welfare, Security Status, Occupancy, Success Stories as well as Challenges*. All Questions were adequately responded to by the Wusum Hotel Management and also Documentary evidence tendered to the Inspectors as support to their exposition.

“We are very much happy for this inspection, and we hope , this visit will go a long way in helping develop the Tourism Industry because, this industry is employing thousands of Sierra Leoneans across the Country. Our hotel alone employs lots of Sierra Leoneans, more especially the youths. We also helps many individuals and organisations undertake different developmental activities as part of our cooperate social responsibility” noted, Mr. Vincent Kanu Jr. Operations Officer of the Wusum Hotel, a statement firmly supported by Mr. Enoch Amarkah, Finance Manager and Mr. Alpha Bangura, Amin Officer all of the Wusum Hotel better know as Apex.

After series of heated debates and Brainstorming, the Committee Chairperson on Tourism and Cultural Affairs in the House of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Honorable Gladys G. Gappy-Brima of constituency 082, Moyamba District, rained praises on the management of the Wusum Hotel for their full cooperation towards the inspection exercise and also for the developmental strides notable at the hotel. Adding that ” you’re really doing a very good job, we therefore implores you to continue searching for more innovative ideas that will augment more value on this facility which will benefit the Tourism Industry and Sierra Leone as a whole because, Hotel Business is a Competitive Business, thus you should always be ahead of others in order to attract more customers” the Honorable admonished. This statement was also buttressed by Honorable Abi Kaloko of Constituency 051, Portloko District. Similar sentiments were express by all MPs present at the Hotel for the Inspection.

Moreover, the Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs(MTCA) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone( NTB) headed by Mr. Abrahim Turay, License, Classification and Quality Control Manager of the NTB, reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Sierra Leone through the MTCA and NTB towards the development of Tourism in the Country. He explained on the present developmental projects the government is implementing which will immensely create possible impacts in the Tourism Industry.

However, the following facilities were properly inspected on the Day-6 of the Inspection Tour : *Wusum Hotel, Kamambo Village Resort, Mena Hills Hotel, Amza’s Hotel, R & B Hotel, Makama Hotel and M .J. Motel* all of Makeni City, Northern part of Sierra Leone.