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On Sunday, 10th September 2017, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ), the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB) and the World Bank visited different breathtaking Touristic and Historical sites including *Tacugama Chimpanzee Santuary, Bureh Beach, Kent Beach and York Village*

At Tacugama Chimpanzee Santuary, the Marketing, Operations and Proposals Manager of the Santuary, Mr. Aram Kazandjian, led the visiting delegation in a comprehensive conducted tour to all the plethora of facilities that encompasses the Santuary including the living and dwelling enclosure of the primates. Mr. Kazandjian explained to the guest contemporary happenings in his entity, plan proposals as well as lamented on challenges, “We have a water fall, we have lots of flora and fauna and different species of rare butterflies, we have a cave, this place has so many other possibilities, we are also planning to launch the Tacugama Yoga Club” the Manager explained.

Speaking on behalfof the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ), the Director of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Jalloh noted that, the visit was geared towards mapping out possible ways and means on how to augment more value on the Santuary as it is one of the Eco-tourism sites in the Country which has the potential to bring more tourists in the Country who will also yearn to visit other touristic sites in the Country.

Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie is the Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), who pointed out that, MTCA and NTB are committed to the development of Tourism in the Country and that is more so, they have approached various implementing partners in order to source funding so as to develop the enormous products and sites this country has.

At Bureh Beach, Michael Turay, headman of the Bureh town took the guests round the Beach and explained current happenings in his locality. The delegation recorded all the challenges put forward my the headman and also figured out the proper projects needed to be implemented in Bureh Beach and Environs. The same exercise was replicated for Kent beach.

Finally, at York Village, Mr. Kofi P. Sakpo, headman of the village took the delegation round the village to different historic artifacts, monuments and relics. The three historic churches of the village, the York stone, flory water cave and so much other historic sites were visited.

However, Mr. Umaru Woody, Planning and Product Development Manager of the NTB, was also part of the delegation who made important contributions during the various deliberations.