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Present day Sierra Leone, women are been empowered hence appointed to higher public positions of trust where they are performing exceptionally well.

One typical example of these iron ladies making all females in Sierra Leone and the World over very proud is Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie, who happens to be the Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone (NTB). Her outstanding performer and unique contribution in the tourism industry and towards the development of Sierra Leone cannot be overemphasized.

Her proven track record is a clear testament that, women should be given more powers and should also be trusted with the mantle of leadership of this country. “What a man can do, a woman  can do even better”.

Professionally, Madam DGM has adequately and positively represented this country in different fora both National and International in the process robustly making Sierra Leone to the wider world.

Apparently, she is in Bonn, east of Germany for the second phrase of the Paris agreement on climate change where she is a member of the committee coordinating meeting on the global stock taking of the implementation of the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement (French: Accord de Paris), is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020.


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Situated at the outskirt of Makeni city, at #258 Makeni – Magburaka highway, with an eco-friendly and wide serene environment, Makambo Village Resort is ideal for camping, business adventure meets and leisure lodging which virtually offers the customers an array of unique attention and pleasure while having the perfect opportunity to access a panoramic view of sweeping and varieties of flora and fauna as the establishment’s garden possesses it all.

The resort has 28 standard bedrooms in all of which 4 of them are Executive suites, 2 Conference rooms, a Restaurant, a spacious car park which can accommodate over 100 cars at once, a beautiful wide Garden, 2 giant standby generators, a Bar and a Borehole for consistent water supply.

Security and Sanitation are highly prioritized at the resort which also offers 24/7 electricity and so much other facilities to all it’s valuable customers.


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Makama Lodge Hotel is located at No.3 Conteh drive off Aginoled street, Makama in Makeni City, Northern Sierra Leone. With 20 Presidential Suites, 23 Standard rooms, 2 Conference rooms and a Restaurant, Makama Lodge Hotel has circa one of the most outstanding and sophisticated edifices and facilities in Makeni city.

The establishment offers its precious customers 24/7 electricity and pipe born water supply, hot and cold water facility in all the self contained rooms, breakfast, 24/7 electricity supply, laundry service and strong internetaccessibility coupled with all types of dishes.


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Introducing the Best Hospitality in Makeni City and the entire Northern Region.

Mommy’s Lodge at #6 off Magburaka highway, opposite Arabic Clinic is arguably the establishment that offers the best hospitality in Makeni City and even beyond.

Mommy’s Lodge, offers it’s precious customers all type of exotic dishes including, Continental, African, European, Chinese, Lebanese and American. The Lodge guarantees its customers 24/7 Security, Electricity, running pipe borne water, strong internet accessibility and laundry facility.

Of course, in order to ensure that, guests adequately and efficiently enjoys its eco-friendly, clean, serene, beautiful and exquisite fully fenced compound, Mommy’s Lodge has prioritized *Security and Sanitation* which have seen the establishment record hundreds and thousands of guests since it started full operations three(3) months ago.

There are *Executive suites and Standard rooms* of international standards for a minimal and affordable price per night. Mommy’s Lodge also has a state-of-the-art conference room and restaurant.

Mr. Mahmoud Koroma, a vibrant young Sierra Leonean Entrepreneur is the proud business owner of Mommy’s Lodge. He is a reservoir of knowledge who has done exceptionally well in all the various entities he has worked upon graduating from University with distinction. “I am a passionate young Sierra Leonan who is very much eager to see my country develop, and that is more so, I choose to be an entrepreneur having many other businesses through which I will be able to augment value on my country’s economy. I hereby call on all my young compatriots to emulate such developmental oriented habits for the betterment of our dearest beloved motherland” he told this writer while wearing a beaming smile.

Apparently, Mommy’s Lodge is virtually your *home from home* in terms of *service delivery and high standards*



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Hotel Conteh ‘U’ situated at No.1 Conteh ‘U’ drive off K-street Makeni is one of the stars of the North and pride of Sierra Leone in the Hotel Business, Hospitality sector and Tourism Industry. The established comprises of Bungalows and an Edifice with over 67 Bedrooms including, 9 Presidential Suites, 23 Executive suites and 35 Standard Rooms. The establishment also has the biggest conference room in the whole northern region with a capacity of 800.

Other facilities at the establishment includes, a modern swimming pool, a spacious car park, 24/7 electricity, pipe borne water supply and internet. There is a giant standby generator to ensure adequate electricity supply.

At Conteh ‘U’ security is a major priority which has led to the in flocks of customers seeking to enjoy the bliss of the eco-friendly and serene environment of the entity.The Hotel also caters for weddings, birthday parties and all other celebrations or anniversaries. All dishes are available at the establishment.


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It’s not a mistake for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to rate Sierra Leone as the fastest growing tourist destination in the world with a remarkable and ground breaking percentage of 310%, which is due to the quadrupling of Sierra Leone in terms of tourism and leapfrogging many nations to the top.

Patriotically, the sprawling developmental achievements in the tourism industry of Sierra Leone is as a result of the relentless and tireless efforts of the formidable managements of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone(NTB) and it’s line ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs(MTCA), which has immensely contributed to the socioeconomic development of the country as well as employment for thousands of Sierra Leoneans more especially the youths.

Apparently, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with its two subverted agencies, the National Tourist Board and the Monuments and Relics Commission are participating in an international marketing trade fair and exhibition in Paris, France.

The International French Tourism Market (IFTM) Top Resa Exhibitions will commence on the 26th and ends on the 29th September, 2017. Many countries and tourism agencies are participating, selling their nations or products and services to attract tourists and businesses to people from all over the world. The events attracts participants from nations in Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

An estimated 31,000 visitors are expected to participate. These include travelling journalists, tourists, heritage protection agencies, countries and many others.

This is the second time in recent years that Sierra Leone is taking part in this world class tourism marketing. It is expected that the events will attract many more tourists into Sierra Leone. This will undoubtedly translate to economic development.

Read more in subsequent editions!!


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Are you searching for a perfect Ice cream shop where you can hang out with your spouses, siblings, friends and loved ones to have a mouth-watering taste that will for a long time resonate in your mind? Please search no more because NICE ICE CREAM SHOP situated at Lumley Beach road Aberdeen is the right place to be.

Nice Ice Cream is the best Italian Ice Cream in Sierra Leone which is manufactured under strict hygienic conditions with sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery operated by professional staff.

Nice Ice Cream shop is opened to the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The shop is well equipped with beautiful decors, 24/7 CCTV Cameras operation, and Security Personnel.

Visit Nice Ice Cream Shop and have your Cup or Cone of Ice Cream for a minimal amount. There are varieties of delicious flavors, such as Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. See you at the Number one(1) Ice cream Shop in the country.


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It is now crystal clear that, the Tourism Industry if not the sole but a key pillar and a major player for the transformation of Sierra Leone to that glorious status of middle income country by 2035, an agenda that has been set by government.

His excellency the president, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, knowing the importance of the tourism industry towards the development of the country placed tourism under pillar one of the blueprint document, *’the agenda for prosperity’* , it virtually speaks volume that, Tourism is the *Panacea for the woes of this Country and its Economy*.

Apparently, the World Bank has approved the sum of ten million United States Dollars($10M) for the sustainable development growth of the tourism industry which is meant for all institutions ingrained in the tourism industry which includes both public and private sectors.

After Wednesday’s first encounter which saw the preamble and introduction of the rigorous procudures involved in the implementation of the $10M project by the World Bank Team, Thursday 7th September at the new office of the World Bank, Spur Road, Wilberforce in Freetown saw participants drawn from all tourism related institutions delve in to sober deliberations and intensive dialogue on how to ensure that, this mega project becomes one of the most successful implemented project ever in the history of not only the tourism industry but the country as a whole or maybe the world over.

However, for the sake of posterity and gratitude, it behooves Sierra Leoneans to note that, for this project to come thus far, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs (MTCA) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone (NTB) have been the trailblazers and pioneers in championing this novelty project which will benefit not only the two aforementioned entities but all other institutions related to the tourism industry and the entire country.

Furthermore, the Resource Mobilization Officer of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone, Madam Madonna Momoh, played a pivotal role towards the facilitation and actualization of this project and she has also attended both meetings (Wednesday and Thursday’s meetings) at the World Bank Office.

Thursday’s meeting was intensive and exhaustive, the Director of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Jalloh represented the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs while the Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie led a team of senior staff members of her institution including Mr. Umar Woody, Planning and Product Development Manager, Madam Madonna Momoh, Resource Mobilization Officer and Mr. Mohamed Alieu Bah, Communications Assistant Officer all of which made meaningful contributions towards the proper implementation of this ground breaking record project.

Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie, a woman who has been in the tourism industry for over a decade (14 years to be specific), thus a reservoir of knowledge in terms of tourism, updated the World Bank Team and the entire gathering on contemporary happenings in the tourism industry, expounded on the benefits of the $10M towards the tourism industry, proffered recommendations on prudent expenditure of the said amount and also lamented on the key challenges the industry is grappling with.


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On Sunday, 10th September 2017, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ), the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB) and the World Bank visited different breathtaking Touristic and Historical sites including *Tacugama Chimpanzee Santuary, Bureh Beach, Kent Beach and York Village*

At Tacugama Chimpanzee Santuary, the Marketing, Operations and Proposals Manager of the Santuary, Mr. Aram Kazandjian, led the visiting delegation in a comprehensive conducted tour to all the plethora of facilities that encompasses the Santuary including the living and dwelling enclosure of the primates. Mr. Kazandjian explained to the guest contemporary happenings in his entity, plan proposals as well as lamented on challenges, “We have a water fall, we have lots of flora and fauna and different species of rare butterflies, we have a cave, this place has so many other possibilities, we are also planning to launch the Tacugama Yoga Club” the Manager explained.

Speaking on behalfof the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ), the Director of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Jalloh noted that, the visit was geared towards mapping out possible ways and means on how to augment more value on the Santuary as it is one of the Eco-tourism sites in the Country which has the potential to bring more tourists in the Country who will also yearn to visit other touristic sites in the Country.

Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie is the Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), who pointed out that, MTCA and NTB are committed to the development of Tourism in the Country and that is more so, they have approached various implementing partners in order to source funding so as to develop the enormous products and sites this country has.

At Bureh Beach, Michael Turay, headman of the Bureh town took the guests round the Beach and explained current happenings in his locality. The delegation recorded all the challenges put forward my the headman and also figured out the proper projects needed to be implemented in Bureh Beach and Environs. The same exercise was replicated for Kent beach.

Finally, at York Village, Mr. Kofi P. Sakpo, headman of the village took the delegation round the village to different historic artifacts, monuments and relics. The three historic churches of the village, the York stone, flory water cave and so much other historic sites were visited.

However, Mr. Umaru Woody, Planning and Product Development Manager of the NTB, was also part of the delegation who made important contributions during the various deliberations.


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The World Bank has commenced the rigorous procedures involved to kick start the implementation of the Ten Milliocn United States Dollars ($10M) project meant for the entire Tourism Industry in the Country (both public and private sectors ). The program is geared towards the Sustainability of the Tourism Industry in Sierra Leone.

On Wednesday 6th September, this year, the World Bank, at it’s new office situated at Spur road, Wilberforce, played host to a contingent of senior stakeholders in Sierra Leone ‘s Tourism Industry drawn from all Ministries, Departments and Agencies ( MDAs ) including private entities that are enmeshed and ingrained in the Tourism Industry of the Country.

A PowerPoint presentation was made by the World Bank Team illustrating all the rigorous procedures, terms and conditions involved in implementing this novelty project.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Honorable Sidi Yayah Tunis and the Ministry, the Director of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Jalloh intimated that, the project is meant to strengthen the Tourism Industry and that, the money will be Prudently spent on any facility or sector within the Tourism Industry that is deemed fit to be in need of such expenditure which can as well bring good returns, noting that “both the public and private sectors within the Tourism Industry are entitled to the money, we shall invest the money on any facility or project that deserves such expenditure” he noted.

“All institutions in the Tourism Industry will benefit from this money, the money will be used wisely to enhance the development of tourism and the economy of the Country. It’s all about collaboration, working together for the betterment of the Tourism Industry and that of the Country” disclosed Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie, Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB) while speaking on behalf of the General Manager, Mr. Yassin Kolleh Kargbo, and the NTB at the World Bank Head Office, Sierra Leone.