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The National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), has been doing tremendously well in terms of Rebranding of Sierra Leone across the globe, in order to ensure that, the positive name of the Country is amplified and projected.

Collaboratively, the NTB has been partnering with different organisations and individuals who has the potential of helping to achieve this main aim.

Apparently, Ismeal Kargbo, a Sierra Leonean who has lived in one of the Nordic countries, Sweden to be specific, has decided to join forces with the NTB, in order to ensure that, Sierra Leone is aggressively marketed to these countries and also derive income from them.

On Tuesday, 16th January 2018, Mr. Ismeal Kargbo met with high personalities in the Tourism Industry including senior staffers of the NTB and Hoteliers at the Board Room of the NTB where he expounded through power point presentation the benefits Sierra Leone stands to gain from the Nordic countries. He illustrated all the compendium of things Swedes are looking for in a country before visiting that country.

In his response, the General Manager of the NTB, Mr Yassin Kolleh Kargbo, extolled, Mr. Ismeal Kargbo for his laudable venture and innovative idea which is geared towards developing the Tourism Industry and by extention Sierra Leone. He called on all Sierra Leoneans to emulate the same.

Meaningful contributions were made by senior management Staff of the NTB such as the Deputy General Manager, Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie, Planning and Product Development Manager, Mr. Umaru Woody, Marketing Manager, Madam Lucinda Mariam Kargbo, License, Classification and Quality Control Manager, Mr. Abrahim Turay which was buttressed by the Hoteliers.

Nordic countries are a group of countries in Northern Europe . These countries include Denmark , Finland ,Iceland , Sweden , Norway, and the territories of the Aland Islands and the Faroe Islands . Though often
confused as such, Scandinavia is not equivalent to the Nordic countries. Scandinavia is a peninsula
while the Nordic countries are recognized states. Sweden and Norway (and a small part of Finland) rest on the Scandinavian peninsula. Scandinavia and Finland together belong to a larger peninsula. Fennoscandia Finns speak a non-Germanic language.
Nordic countries have similar state, law and culture. Historically, Nordic countries have maintained close
connections. Nordic countries are primarily socialist democracies. Nordic countries have some political
cooperation, such as the Nordic council . Cooperation with a larger group, the European Union, makes
the Nordic cooperation even smaller.
Nordic countries have long, cold winters with warm days in the summer, but only a small part of
Northern Norway and approximately half of Iceland is arctic .
Of late, many Nordic countries have been facing issues with immigration, mainly Sweden. Their relaxed
immigration policy has allowed many Middle Easterners to seek refuge from their war-torn countries


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