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Present day Sierra Leone, women are been empowered hence appointed to higher public positions of trust where they are performing exceptionally well.

One typical example of these iron ladies making all females in Sierra Leone and the World over very proud is Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie, who happens to be the Deputy General Manager of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone (NTB). Her outstanding performer and unique contribution in the tourism industry and towards the development of Sierra Leone cannot be overemphasized.

Her proven track record is a clear testament that, women should be given more powers and should also be trusted with the mantle of leadership of this country. “What a man can do, a woman  can do even better”.

Professionally, Madam DGM has adequately and positively represented this country in different fora both National and International in the process robustly making Sierra Leone to the wider world.

Apparently, she is in Bonn, east of Germany for the second phrase of the Paris agreement on climate change where she is a member of the committee coordinating meeting on the global stock taking of the implementation of the Paris agreement. The Paris agreement (French: Accord de Paris), is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020.


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Situated at the outskirt of Makeni city, at #258 Makeni – Magburaka highway, with an eco-friendly and wide serene environment, Makambo Village Resort is ideal for camping, business adventure meets and leisure lodging which virtually offers the customers an array of unique attention and pleasure while having the perfect opportunity to access a panoramic view of sweeping and varieties of flora and fauna as the establishment’s garden possesses it all.

The resort has 28 standard bedrooms in all of which 4 of them are Executive suites, 2 Conference rooms, a Restaurant, a spacious car park which can accommodate over 100 cars at once, a beautiful wide Garden, 2 giant standby generators, a Bar and a Borehole for consistent water supply.

Security and Sanitation are highly prioritized at the resort which also offers 24/7 electricity and so much other facilities to all it’s valuable customers.


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Makama Lodge Hotel is located at No.3 Conteh drive off Aginoled street, Makama in Makeni City, Northern Sierra Leone. With 20 Presidential Suites, 23 Standard rooms, 2 Conference rooms and a Restaurant, Makama Lodge Hotel has circa one of the most outstanding and sophisticated edifices and facilities in Makeni city.

The establishment offers its precious customers 24/7 electricity and pipe born water supply, hot and cold water facility in all the self contained rooms, breakfast, 24/7 electricity supply, laundry service and strong internetaccessibility coupled with all types of dishes.


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Introducing the Best Hospitality in Makeni City and the entire Northern Region.

Mommy’s Lodge at #6 off Magburaka highway, opposite Arabic Clinic is arguably the establishment that offers the best hospitality in Makeni City and even beyond.

Mommy’s Lodge, offers it’s precious customers all type of exotic dishes including, Continental, African, European, Chinese, Lebanese and American. The Lodge guarantees its customers 24/7 Security, Electricity, running pipe borne water, strong internet accessibility and laundry facility.

Of course, in order to ensure that, guests adequately and efficiently enjoys its eco-friendly, clean, serene, beautiful and exquisite fully fenced compound, Mommy’s Lodge has prioritized *Security and Sanitation* which have seen the establishment record hundreds and thousands of guests since it started full operations three(3) months ago.

There are *Executive suites and Standard rooms* of international standards for a minimal and affordable price per night. Mommy’s Lodge also has a state-of-the-art conference room and restaurant.

Mr. Mahmoud Koroma, a vibrant young Sierra Leonean Entrepreneur is the proud business owner of Mommy’s Lodge. He is a reservoir of knowledge who has done exceptionally well in all the various entities he has worked upon graduating from University with distinction. “I am a passionate young Sierra Leonan who is very much eager to see my country develop, and that is more so, I choose to be an entrepreneur having many other businesses through which I will be able to augment value on my country’s economy. I hereby call on all my young compatriots to emulate such developmental oriented habits for the betterment of our dearest beloved motherland” he told this writer while wearing a beaming smile.

Apparently, Mommy’s Lodge is virtually your *home from home* in terms of *service delivery and high standards*



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It’s not a mistake for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to rate Sierra Leone as the fastest growing tourist destination in the world with a remarkable and ground breaking percentage of 310%, which is due to the quadrupling of Sierra Leone in terms of tourism and leapfrogging many nations to the top.

Patriotically, the sprawling developmental achievements in the tourism industry of Sierra Leone is as a result of the relentless and tireless efforts of the formidable managements of the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone(NTB) and it’s line ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs(MTCA), which has immensely contributed to the socioeconomic development of the country as well as employment for thousands of Sierra Leoneans more especially the youths.

Apparently, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with its two subverted agencies, the National Tourist Board and the Monuments and Relics Commission are participating in an international marketing trade fair and exhibition in Paris, France.

The International French Tourism Market (IFTM) Top Resa Exhibitions will commence on the 26th and ends on the 29th September, 2017. Many countries and tourism agencies are participating, selling their nations or products and services to attract tourists and businesses to people from all over the world. The events attracts participants from nations in Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

An estimated 31,000 visitors are expected to participate. These include travelling journalists, tourists, heritage protection agencies, countries and many others.

This is the second time in recent years that Sierra Leone is taking part in this world class tourism marketing. It is expected that the events will attract many more tourists into Sierra Leone. This will undoubtedly translate to economic development.

Read more in subsequent editions!!


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Are you searching for a perfect Ice cream shop where you can hang out with your spouses, siblings, friends and loved ones to have a mouth-watering taste that will for a long time resonate in your mind? Please search no more because NICE ICE CREAM SHOP situated at Lumley Beach road Aberdeen is the right place to be.

Nice Ice Cream is the best Italian Ice Cream in Sierra Leone which is manufactured under strict hygienic conditions with sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery operated by professional staff.

Nice Ice Cream shop is opened to the public 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The shop is well equipped with beautiful decors, 24/7 CCTV Cameras operation, and Security Personnel.

Visit Nice Ice Cream Shop and have your Cup or Cone of Ice Cream for a minimal amount. There are varieties of delicious flavors, such as Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. See you at the Number one(1) Ice cream Shop in the country.


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Tourism in Sierra Leone is getting better day in and day out with the HOSPITALITY SECTOR which includes, the Hotels, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Pubs, Casinos and Bars are all upgrading in their facilities and quality of service delivery every time of the day so as to fit the comfort of Customers and Maintain International standards.

One of the Hotels that is presently doing extremely well in terms of living up to expectations of the Customers as well as meeting the standards set by the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone (THE REGULATORY BODY), is the FAMILY KINGDOM RESORT.

THE FAMILY KINGDOM RESORT is situated at a Strategic location which happens to be one of the major touristic sites in the Country, LUMLEY BEACH ROAD, ABERDEEN IN FREETOWN.

THE FAMILY KINGDOM RESORT offers varieties of facilities to customers in order to suit their comforts. The Establishment is situated in a fully fenced Compound with a FOUR (4) STAR HOTEL of Ninety (97 ) spacious Bed rooms and Seventeen (17) Rooms, a Fanfare Ground (Play Ground) a Gymnasium, A Swimming pool, A Modern Restaurant and different other Beautiful Structures.

The Hotel offers one of the Best Hospitality, reminiscence to that of First World Countries. At the Family Kingdom, every Customer is entitled to FREE BREAKFAST, FREE LAUNDRY AND FREE INTERNET.

Each BED ROOM has a rest room, a dining room, a kitchen, One Air Conditioner, Sattelite and TV, Fridge, Microwave, Hot and Cold Showers and 24/7 uninterrupted Water and Electricity supply.

Family Kingdom Resort is one of the entities upholding the *Local Content Policy* , over 90 Sierra Leoneans are gainfully employed by the Family Kingdom Resort with their NASSIT and NRA fully paid. The Establishment is one of those adhering to all the compliances of the Government of Sierra Leone in terms tax payment and the likes.

Due to its Outstanding Quality Service Delivery, the Family Kingdom Resort has garnered plethora of National and International Accolades, just recently, it has been labeled as the *NGO HOTEL*, because, most of the Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Lodgings and all forms of other Bookings of the many NGOs in this Country are done at the Family Kingdom Resort.

“We do everything in order to ensure that, our customers acquire the maximum satisfaction they deserve, also to let you know that at the FAMILY KINGDOM RESORT Security is at its Best, there are CCTV cameras installed all over the compound, we also have security personnel deployed right around the Compound during the day as well as at night” opined Mr. M. EL Makkaoui, Manager, Family Kingdom Resort.



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The Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ), Honorable Sidie Yayah Tunis, has expressed his deepest satisfaction on  cooperation between him and staff of his Ministry and Management of it’s two subvented Agencies, the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), and the Monuments and Relics Commission (MRC) “I can Boast of having the Best Management in the Country, all the staff at my Ministry, the Management of the NTB and MRC are very much cooperative and understanding, that is why Tourism is at it’s trajectory height in the Country, a peak this country had never experienced before, this is as a result of the synergies we have formed in the Tourism Industry” the Minister stated.

He furthered that, as a Young Dynamic and Result Oriented Minister who is militating in favour of President Ernest Bai Koroma ‘s Agenda for Prosperity and also towards the Development of Tourism in the Country, he will do everything within his powers to ensure that Sierra Leone becomes the Hub of Tourism not only in Africa but the World Over, adding that “I am hereby calling on all MDAs across the Country to emulate by positive theorem (foot steps), we can only help H.E Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma achieve His dream of making Sierra Leone a Paradise when we work amicably with our Deputies, Staff and Management in our different institutions” he noted.

The Minister made this statement on Tuesday 8th August 2017 at the Foyer of the NTB, while addressing the Media, staff of NTB and Sierra Leone Red Cross Society on the ground breaking partnership between the NTB and the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society which resulted to a perfect gentle man’s agreement over three (3) Boats with one hundred and fifty (150) horse powers each to bolster domistic tourism and uncover the beauty of Sierra Leone ‘s Riverine.

The Honorable Minister onbehave of the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma received the three (3) Boats and expressed his profound thanks and appreciations to the entire Management of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, and rained praises on the General Manager of the NTB, Mr. Yassin Kolleh Kargbo for the facilitation of the process ” I have the best General Manager in the World, He is very hard working and innovative, he is working day in and day out for the development of Tourism in the Country, I can never ask for a better GM” he eulogised.

He furthered that, Tourism has been placed under Pillar One (1) called the “THE GROWTH PILLAR” of the *Agenda for Prosperity*, this is because, there are enormous potentials in the Tourism Industry, explaining that “most of our beautiful and touristic sites are found within our riverine areas and we will use these Boasts to reveal these places to the entire world through explorations and excursions, since I assumed office as the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, I have approached various MDAs for help and this is really yielding dividend, by the time we reaches December, Tourism will Propondrant all other sectors in the country” the Minister stated, he concluded that, “since we are in the low season (rainy season), the Boats will be kept at Cape Light, Aberdeen, until we arrive at the high season (Dry Season) then they will be used along our riverine” he concluded.

Also making a statement at the gathering, the General Manager of the NTB, Mr. Yassin Kolleh Kargbo, heaped praises on the Young Minister, for his arduous and assiduous work since his appointment as the Minister, which has seen Sierra Leone climb the Ladder at its highest rung as the *FASTEST GROWING TOURIST DESTINATION IN THE WORLD* “After the Ebola Epidemic, people were still afraid of visiting the Country, but the Minister have helped to Rebrand the Country, now tourists a flowing, he played a pivotal role during the scourge which triggered the President to appoint him as the Minister of Tourism so he can help to market the Country adequately” the GM, noted.

He said that, Tourism is multi – functional , that is more so the MTCA and NTB have partnered with so many other MDAs, and that, the parnership with the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS) came about the three (3) Boats.

After Introducing all members present at the gathering, the Head of Resource Mobilization of the SLRCS, Mr. Steven E. B. Koroma, noted that, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society is not an NGO as people normally perceive, but an institution established by an act of Parliament, hence a government body “We are an auxiliary to government, we are the errand boys to government, we were established for immediate relieve service and we are also committed to the development of this Country, thus will partner with any organisation gravitating towards the betterment of this Nation and the NTB happens to be of these organisations in the country” he reiterated.

Mr. Koroma, furthered that, the parnership with the NTB is one of the best and most fruitful parnership his institution has undertaken, because, according him ” everything worked well as planned”

However, it behooves Sierra Leoneans to note that, the three (3) Boats were donated to the SLRCS by the *International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crecent Movement* to help fight the Ebola Virus Disease at the Riverine Areas of the Country but because the Boats were customised mainly for the Coastal Areas of Sierra Leone so they can navigate properly, there was delay at the factory in the manufacturing of the Boats, hence arrived in the Country late, when Ebola had almost been conquered. Therefore the SLRCS decided to partner with NTB for the three (3) in order to help boast Tourism the Country.

In another development, a team comprising of senior staff members of the NTB led by the *Deputy General Manager, Madam Fatmata Abe-Osagie*, received the Boats at Phillip street junction, Eastern of Freetown on the same day. The NTB and SLRCS staff members escorted the Boats in a unified convoy along the streets of Freetown to the Head Office of the NTB amid public jubilant, applause and praises. The Boats were later escorted at the Cape Light, Aberdeen for safe keeping till the High Season or Dry Season.



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On Wednesday 12th July 2017, the Honorable Members of Parliament and Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), “Inspection Team” visited and thoroughly checked the following Establishments: *Doha’s Hotel, Sir Milton Hotel, Madam Wokie Hotel, Sahara Hotel-1, Sahara Hotel-2 and Fair View Lodge* all in the city of Bo, Kakua Chiefdom, Bo District, Southern Region of Sierra Leone.

“We first started this facility with 28 bedrooms, now we have improved significantly and can boast of 50 bedrooms equipped with all the facilities a room in a standard hotel should possess, everything in this hotel is of International Standards” noted, Mr Saleh M. Yahya, CEO and Proprietor of Doha’s Hotel. The CEO furthered that, Doha’s Hotel is surrounded with CCTV camera installations which is monitored 24/7 to enhance adequate security at the hotel, it has, two swimming pools (one for Kids and the other for adults), a Gymnasium, VIP Lounge, two massive conference rooms, a terrace and so much other facilities. “The G4S Security agency is providing full security day and night” Mr. Yahya disclosed.

The CEO, lamented on the challenges he is grappling with while running his facility and also elaborated on the success stories. “Paradoxically, business was booming during the invasion of the Epidemic (EVD), because the scourge triggered the visit of numerous NGOs and expatriates who entered the country to help eradicate the Disease and all of them were guests in different Hotels, so business was good then, though the Country was going through tough times, but just after the Ebola Virus Disease was conquered, when all the expatriates left for their various countries, Business became some how slow”, the proprietor averred.

Mr. Jihap M. Yahya, General Manager and Deputy CEO, Mr. Mustapha K. Mansaray, Assistant General Manager all of Doha’s Hotel buttressed on the narration of their Boss.

In response to the juxtaposition of the Doha’s Hotel Management, the Honorable Members of Parliament, expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciations to the management of the facility for the massive development but also for the job opportunity to the citizens “you’re employing many Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths, you’re helping the government in employing the citizens of the Country, we thank you so much for that” remarked Honorable Gladys G. Gbappy-Brima of constituency 082, Moyamba District, Chairperson of the oversight Committee.

Honorable Mohamed Tholley of constituency 070, Bo District, called on the Hotel Management across the country to form an Association that will seek their interest and advocate on their behalf.

Moreover, lead representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs ( MTCA ) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone ( NTB), Mr Abrahim Turay, License, Classification and Quality Control Manager of the NTB Succinctly informed the gathering about the massive developmental projects the government is implementing in the Tourism Industry and also those on the pipeline, “The government is about to establish a branch of the Ministry of Tourism in Bo city in order to help acquired a swift and proper redress to any challenge that may pop up in the near future.

Mr. Alie Badara Koroma, is the CEO of the two Sahara Hotels in Bo city and the one in Makeni City, he thanked the inspection team for the visit and solicited more frequent visits. He said, as part of his cooperate social responsibility, he has done plethora of goodies for locals in the environs of his establishments and even outside. The Giant and Beautiful Clock tower at Mile 91 is a testament.

However, it behooves Sierra Leoneans to note that, section 93 subsection 3 and section 95 of the 1991 constitution gives committees in parliament the power to investigate Ministries, Departments and Agencies to produce any result required, failure to comply is considered as contempt of Parliament.



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“Freetown is not Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone is not Freetown”

Basically, the above quotation says it all, Sierra Leone constitutes Four (4), regions and has Twelve (12), Districts which are the embodiments of the Republic of Sierra Leone governed by the Central Government.

Patriotically, after Successfully visiting and properly checking the Hotels in the Western Area of the Country, on Sunday, 9th July 2017, the Inspection Team which comprises three different segments of Sierra Leoneans (Parliamentarians, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone Representatives, and Members of the Forth Estate) safely arrived in Makeni City, the regional headquarter town of the Northern Region of the Country.

Vibrantly, on Monday, 10th July 2017, the Inspection Team, kick started their job in this part of the Country. The first Facility inspected was the Wusum Hotel. The Management of that Establishment was asked several questions bothering around *Compliance with laws of the Country, PAYE, NASSIT, NRA, Staff Strength and Welfare, Security Status, Occupancy, Success Stories as well as Challenges*. All Questions were adequately responded to by the Wusum Hotel Management and also Documentary evidence tendered to the Inspectors as support to their exposition.

“We are very much happy for this inspection, and we hope , this visit will go a long way in helping develop the Tourism Industry because, this industry is employing thousands of Sierra Leoneans across the Country. Our hotel alone employs lots of Sierra Leoneans, more especially the youths. We also helps many individuals and organisations undertake different developmental activities as part of our cooperate social responsibility” noted, Mr. Vincent Kanu Jr. Operations Officer of the Wusum Hotel, a statement firmly supported by Mr. Enoch Amarkah, Finance Manager and Mr. Alpha Bangura, Amin Officer all of the Wusum Hotel better know as Apex.

After series of heated debates and Brainstorming, the Committee Chairperson on Tourism and Cultural Affairs in the House of Parliament of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Honorable Gladys G. Gappy-Brima of constituency 082, Moyamba District, rained praises on the management of the Wusum Hotel for their full cooperation towards the inspection exercise and also for the developmental strides notable at the hotel. Adding that ” you’re really doing a very good job, we therefore implores you to continue searching for more innovative ideas that will augment more value on this facility which will benefit the Tourism Industry and Sierra Leone as a whole because, Hotel Business is a Competitive Business, thus you should always be ahead of others in order to attract more customers” the Honorable admonished. This statement was also buttressed by Honorable Abi Kaloko of Constituency 051, Portloko District. Similar sentiments were express by all MPs present at the Hotel for the Inspection.

Moreover, the Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs(MTCA) and the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone( NTB) headed by Mr. Abrahim Turay, License, Classification and Quality Control Manager of the NTB, reaffirmed the commitment of the Government of Sierra Leone through the MTCA and NTB towards the development of Tourism in the Country. He explained on the present developmental projects the government is implementing which will immensely create possible impacts in the Tourism Industry.

However, the following facilities were properly inspected on the Day-6 of the Inspection Tour : *Wusum Hotel, Kamambo Village Resort, Mena Hills Hotel, Amza’s Hotel, R & B Hotel, Makama Hotel and M .J. Motel* all of Makeni City, Northern part of Sierra Leone.